Ingham County Drain Commissioner

Patrick Lindemann

Greening of the Drains

Michigan stands as one of the guardians of The Great Lakes …the largest body of fresh water in the world.  Storm water runoff is the largest transporter of non-point and point source pollution discharges to the waters of all jurisdictions in Michigan and throughout the Nation. “This is where we draw the line in the sand and develop new Best Management Practices for negating the pollution conveyed by storm water runoff,” says Pat Lindemann, one of the nations leading experts in water management systems who will talk about the cutting-edge efforts in Ingham County to protect our valuable water resources.

Pat Lindemann was first elected as the Ingham County Drain Commissioner in 1992, an office he has re-defined to reflect his environmental stewardship ethic and systems approach to stormwater management. He has received international, national, and state recognition and awards for his innovative drain projects. The design for a wetland filtration system in the Tollgate Drainage District in Lansing Township, Michigan is the first of its kind, and has received national awards and international interest. Pat holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University in Resource Development, with credits toward an advanced degree in the same discipline.