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You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

In order to get control of your spending on Utilities, you must first have the ability to understand how your facilities consumes energy.  According to the Building Owners & Manufacturing Association, approximately 72% of a buildings monthly energy spend is on Space Heating, Cooling, Water Heating and Lighting.  Understanding how efficient your building is performing in each of these parameters, requires that you first discover how your building compares to others of similar size, age and usage nationally and receive an EnergyStar Score from the United States Department of Energy.  This score provides the data that is necessary for your Energy Consultant to determine to what extent there is Energy Savings Potential.

Mark Bates brings nearly 40 years of experience in the Construction Services business, specializing in “all things low voltage.”  As a Building Automation Solution Specialist at Lansing-based T. H. Eifert Mechanical Contractors, Bates, is responsible for helping the company evolve into providing innovative Energy Management solutions for its’ HVAC service clients.  His career includes serving as a Sales Engineer with Honeywell’s Commercial Construction Division, where he designed and project managed a building management solution for the State of Michigan office buildings including, the State Capital, inner-connected State-owned buildings downtown and the State Secondary Complex.