Jeffrey Rostoni

Diagnosing & Restoring your Home or Work Environment

Analyzing Mold and Moisture Problems in Buildings

Jeffreys presentation will cover the basics and misconceptions about mold, liability associated with mold, mold and moisture’s impact to structures and occupant’s health, and will address the many moisture sources in buildings, typical mold remediation techniques, as well as other indoor air quality issues arising from tight buildings.  AQC will discuss moisture sources in great detail as well as prevention.  There will be a Questions and Answer session at the end to field questions from the audience.

Mr. Jeff Rostoni is an environmental consultant specializing in indoor air quality issues in residential and commercial buildings.  Mr. Rostoni has extensive knowledge about indoor air quality problems and building diagnostics and provides consulting services to help identify, solve and remediate indoor air quality problems.  Mr. Rostoni also has his LEED accreditation and is routinely involved in diagnosing problems associated with “tight” buildings.   Jeff evaluates mold and moisture problems, asbestos, lead paint, methamphetamine houses, VOCs, house ventilation issues, attic ventilation, crawl space moisture and venting, and other building and air quality related problems.