John Eadie

The Celebrity Lecture Series was established at Michigan State University by the College of Arts and Letters under the leadership of Dean John W. Eadie and the Dean’s Community Council in 1988. At its tenth anniversary in 1998 and in honor of his stewardship of the arts and humanities, the series was renamed in honor of Dean Eadie. The popularity of this series attracted students, faculty, and members of the community, and featured some of the most illustrious scholars, critics, novelists, poets, and creative artists of our time. A exhibit of these original photographs by Douglas Elbinger is on permanent display in front of the Big Ten Room at the Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing.

In this commemorative online archive, spanning a ten year period, we offer you the voices of our distinguished visitors and the photographs of Douglas Elbinger, who has captured some candid moments. We invite you to relive through this online exhibit the celebrity of wit, the moving and memorable words, and the intellectual courage which marked their public presentations and animated their private conversations with students, faculty members, and the citizens of Michigan. The lectures streamed at this site remain under the copyright of the speakers, who have given MSU permission to broadcast the lectures for nonprofit, educational and programmatic purposes. For any other use of this material, please contact the speaker.

Unless otherwise indicated, the photographs at the site are reproduced with the permission of the photographer, Douglas Elbinger.