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 James Newman

Improving Energy Efficiency in New and Existing Buildings

Jim Newman is one of the country’s most experienced energy efficiency and green building experts. Known as the “Dean of Green,” Jim regularly speaks across the US and internationally to professionals, student groups and the media about sustainability and green technology. He is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), a Certified Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP), a LEED Accredited Professional, an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer (DL), an Operations and Performance Management Professional (OPMPa Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) and a Fellow of the Engineering Society of Detroit (FESD). In 2012, he was named a Green Leader by Corp! Magazine and the Detroit Free Press.Jim Newman has been involved in this industry long enough to be both a seasoned expert and a pioneer. Internationally recognized speaker and writer on Indoor Air Quality, Energy Conservation, Green Design and Efficient Operating and Maintenance, USGBC and LEED®.


Ingham County Drain Commissioner

Patrick Lindemann

Greening of the Drains

Michigan stands as one of the guardians of The Great Lakes …the largest body of fresh water in the world.  Storm water runoff is the largest transporter of non-point and point source pollution discharges to the waters of all jurisdictions in Michigan and throughout the Nation. “This is where we draw the line in the sand and develop new Best Management Practices for negating the pollution conveyed by storm water runoff,” says Pat Lindemann, one of the nations leading experts in water management systems who will talk about the cutting-edge efforts in Ingham County to protect our valuable water resources.

Pat Lindemann was first elected as the Ingham County Drain Commissioner in 1992, an office he has re-defined to reflect his environmental stewardship ethic and systems approach to stormwater management. He has received international, national, and state recognition and awards for his innovative drain projects. The design for a wetland filtration system in the Tollgate Drainage District in Lansing Township, Michigan is the first of its kind, and has received national awards and international interest. Pat holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University in Resource Development, with credits toward an advanced degree in the same discipline.




The Future of Food and Farming Systems

Food and farming systems are the same system.  How do we share a vision of a sustainable food system and what framing and language do we use to communicate in our planning discussions?  How do we honor the past while coping with the rapid acceleration of technology that provides so many new possibilities for our relationship with food?  How do we bridge the gaps in income and labor between food production and modern lifestyles?  This talk attempts to answer these and other questions about our future.

Agronomist, Ron Doetch, was raised on a small working dairy farm in Northern Illinois.  The farm at this time was without chemicals and integrated as a diverse system where everything got used in some way.  After receiving a degree in agronomy at the University of Illinois, Ron worked on special projects for John Deere including new ways to incorporate conservation into modern farming techniques.  It was then a natural fit to become specialty crops manager for Itochu, a global Japanese trading firm, to connect Japanese food processors to American farmers.   In 2003, Ron assumed the helm as Executive Director of the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute to oversee the agriculture education, research and outreach programs of the now 20 year old organization in East Troy, WI.  Today, Ron works as an independent consultant in food and farming systems

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association

16th Annual Michigan Energy Fair Announces TWO New Partners: Sustainable Living Summit 2016 and The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

June 24 & 25, Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason, MI.

The combination of the Michigan Energy Fair, The Sustainable Living Summit 2016, and the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo, all in one place, for one weekend, could be the most fun and educational family friendly event you will attend all year.

Renewable energy, energy efficiency, emergency preparedness and sustainability come together to make this the most comprehensive fair yet. This year’s theme ‘Connect Here’ is the focus to network with industry leaders and learn about sustainable lifestyles, create sustainable homes, businesses, and communities. The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) announces these two new partnerships that will complement and enrich your experience at our 16th annual event.

The Sustainable Living Summit 2016 (SLS) features acclaimed keynote speakers, panel discussion with expert presentations, dozens of exhibitors, workshops, in a family friendly atmosphere. The Sustainable Living Summit is an energetic, solutions based approach to building and enhancing our community and guides us toward a vibrant and healthy future.

The forums will include experts in:

  • Renewable Energy • Energy Efficiency
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Local & Sustainable Agriculture
  • Green Buildings
  • Natural Health & Wellness
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Breakthrough Technologies Press Conference

The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo (GLEPE) is the leading emergency preparedness convention in the Midwest. The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo offers a large audience for survival professionals and industry enthusiasts. Local businesses and emergency responders, including the local government agencies and military professionals are among the many pre-registered exhibitors with floor space and booths at the GLEPE. Attendees will learn about preparing a 72-hour kit, food storage, and water purification. Other vendors will provide tips and information about first aid, gardening, pet care preparedness, radio communications, cooking, heat, light, and fuel options.

Numerous training classes, presentations, and demonstrations encompassing the prepping, self-reliance, and emergency management industries will make this Expo a one of its kind event for both attendees and exhibitors. We encourage county and local governments, municipalities and businesses leaders who prepare Emergency Action Plans to attend. The information you receive about how to reduce costs in your jurisdiction through energy savings and incorporating renewable energy while learning the latest in emergency preparation.

The 16th annual Michigan Energy Fair

Each year thousands will gather from around the Great Lakes to attend the Michigan Energy Fair which features over 100 exhibitors, hands on activities, alternative vehicle car show, free workshops, prizes, local food and music. The event is open to the public and will be promoted extensively via direct email, social media, internet marketing, and regional broadcast media.

The fair welcomes anyone to attend …homeowners, business owners, students, teachers and the just plain curious. The fair attracts those who want to take control of their utility bills, prepare homes and businesses for emergencies, and learn sustainable living practices. The fair is known as a ‘one-stop’ resource for sustainable living practices. More information may be found at and

About GLREA: for 25 years GLREA has served people in the Great Lakes region as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. GLREA is the leading renewable energy organization promoting policies, technologies and practices which are environmentally and economically sustainable.

For more information or to participate contact:

Ms. Mary McGraw
Michigan Energy Fair

Mr. Douglas Elbinger
Sustainable Living Summit

Mr. Kyle MacNall
David Castlegrant & Associates

Some of the distinguished speakers include:

Complete information about these events may be found at

For information about opportunities for speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors contact:

Douglas Elbinger

IDEA Conference: DETROIT

Opportunity Knocks!

March 23, 2011

Toby BarlowNobody who had the good fortune to attend the 2011 IDEA Conference: Detroit, came away unaffected.  Generously sponsored by Advertising Age and Crain’s Detroit Business and held at the Center for Creative Studies in the Taubman Center, the event delivered an overwhelming shot of inspirational juice for the approximately 400 entrepreneurs who attended this all day affair. The food wasn’t bad either.  Using a combination of video, panel discussion, an impressive list of ‘case study’ entrepreneurial success stories, effective audience participation, and ample time for socializing and net-working, the conference delivered on its premise with endless good ideas that will help unite people in a common cause to transform the metro Detroit region. I’m glad I took notes. I came home with a hand full of business cards and renewed confidence in the future of Detroit.

The pace of the presentations was fast and the content often riveting. Some of the ‘buzz words’ and ideas I took home include; crowd sourcing, eco-chic, achingly hip, twitter effect, world of transparency, social mission, the concept of Detroit as blank social and economic canvas, reality capitalism, the idea that everyone with a cell phone is a journalist, and remember to be careful about what you put in ‘the cloud’ because the internet never forgets.


Previous to this conference I confess to being skeptical about our homemade Chevy Volt. After the presentation by Tony Posawatz, GM’s main man in the Volt department, I became a true believer that GM is on the right path with this EREV  (that means …Extended Range Electric Vehicle).  Not be out done, Toby Barlow, from Team Detroit, the creative marketing arm of Ford Motor Company, gave a startling presentation on the behind the scenes work for reading the pulse of the car buying public and crafting a message they can relate to.

Another highlight of the conference was the presentation by Josh Linkner, founder and chairman of ePrize, the largest interactive promotions agency in the world.  Josh spoke in rational and straightforward terms


about the ‘creative process’ and acting as a change agent for innovation. Not only is Josh an accomplished jazz musician but Josh is also a NYT Bestselling author with his new book Disciplined Dreaming – A proven system to drive breakthrough Creativity .  I highly recommend spending some time to check this out on  his web site at www.

Josh LinknerIn conclusion my advice is to watch Craine’s Business Detroit for next years event and register early.  I’m already looking forward to this when I hope to see and hear ideas about progress in urban agriculture and mass transportation.

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